How is a forum different from a pod?

Why do I need to have at least 1000 followers to join?

Will guest mentors' content remain available after their week is over?

How does guest mentorship work?


Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Will the membership fees increase in the future?

Each guest mentor is assigned a week in our private forum with pinned topics on which they’ll share their experience and answer members’ questions. This is not a continuous chat…mentors log in to catch up periodically each day. One of the benefits of mentorship in a group setting is that others may ask questions you hadn’t thought of.

All content in the forum, including guest mentor content, will remain accessible for the life of the forum.

This community was specifically created for content creators and influencers, and it is intended to be a safe place to share openly with likeminded people who have similar experiences and questions. Parameters are in place in order to stay on topic and true to our mission.

Forums are organized by topic and easily searchable. While pods are great for having real time conversations with a small group of people, forums bring a much larger group of people together. Forums are easier to catch up with after stepping away for a bit, as you can go directly to the topics of interest to see what you’ve missed. You are also alerted when there is new content in a topic you’ve participated in or subscribed to.

You may cancel your recurring payment at any time within your Paypal account.

Both the annual and monthly membership fees may increase in the future; however, your membership fee will be locked in at your registered rate.